Mr. Peter Ella, Papua New Guinea PNG, Children's Illustrator 2010 Portfolio
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Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
Children's Book Illustrator

Illustration of Buai-Boy at work with magnifying glass and water squirting pistol - by Peter Ella, children's illustrator based in Papua New Guinea
Children's cartoon storey book character CHICKEN and his adventures about chicken with fruit and vegetable characters

Illustration of Buai-Boy at work with magnifying glass and water squirting pistol - by Peter Ella, children's illustrator based in Papua New Guinea
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Tomato character and Paw Paw character with frayed nerves in Chicken man adventures children's storey - after Chicken man upsets their beach sellers stands

Chicken's Adventures - Illustration 02  [Peter Ella - notes]

This illustration depicts part of the story in the book where the Chicken man goes scampering through the market place spilling tomatoes and pawpaw.  This particular illustration depicts Mr. Tomato and Mr. Pawpaw loosing their nerves on the Chicken Man, who is in the background.  Again I try to give emphasis on the emotional expression for relative experiences and amusement on the part of the reader at the misfortune of the character in the story.

I enjoy converting everyday objects, animals and in this case fruits to represent humans in all shapes and sizes; including facial features, without giving references and discriminatory intent.

Mr. Tomato trips over bag of betel nuts at fruit stand of Mr.  &  Mrs. BuaiMan - while chasing  Chicken Man in CHICKENS ADVENTIURES a  childrens story from the South Pacific's Papua New Guinea children's illustrator Peter Ella

Chicken Man - Illustration-02 [Peter Ella notes on illustration background development for this children's book]
This illustration dramatize Mr. Tomato tripping over the buaibag (buai - bettle-nut) belonging to Mr. Buai or Buaiman, as he put up a chase on, Chicken Man, sending all the green nuts scattering.

Buaiman stood wide eyes with amusement under his fancy umbrella, inviting Mr. Tomato to make his day somewhat eventful. And offcourse Mrs. Buai is at the background reacting hilariously to the accident. And as always shes hoping to get some good stories out of the incident to add spice to her ‘OMG’ evening conversation.

Typically at a buaimarket here in PNG it is of norm for a monotonous day at the market. Obviously this dramatic event creates excitement and adds to the conversation of the day.

The story portrays fruits as human, obviously having human faces with emotional expression. So I try to imaging a Tomato, a Pawpaw, Ice Cream man and buai with human faces with exaggerated expressions.

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