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Hong Kong cartoon character, ANJOLICO the  Wireless Cat, lights up nite  sky, as he flies over the Hong Kong Harbor - in this surperb gif animation

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 · Total book cover of THE WAYFARER, Iroquois Mohak story by Ian Byrne, illustrated by Cat Wong

The Voyager - Abstract: Third of the Kateri Trilogy, along with The Sojourner and The Wayfarer, The Voyager describes the adventures of two Mohawk brothers of long ago who make a trek-of-maturity.  They travel from their homeland in the Finger Lakes to the home of the Lakota on the edge of the Great Plains in order to examine the legendary relationship between the two tribes.  They pass through the Great Lakes and visit the resident tribes, harvesting wild rice and smoking land-locked salmon.  There they meet their wives-to-be among the Ojibway and Lakota. The mysterious Little People and Nymphs of Risceal give them a divine mission.

Title: The Voyager

Author: Ian X. Byrne

Publisher: Infinity Press, USA

ISBN: 0-7414-3448-2

© 2006

Price: $12.95 (as of 2010.01)

Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 178 pages

Category/Subject: FICTION / Fantasy / Epic

Buy online:

Excerpts from:  THE VOYAGER, by Ian X. Byrne

Buffalo Stampede

You don't want to get too close to the herd. The mothers are still very protective of their calves.

Yes, I wouldn't want to have a run-in with those horns, they look to be exceedingly sharp.

Just a glancing bump from one of those giants could send you rolling for several days. Its best we stay a safe distance removed. As long as we stayed at our distance they didn't seem to be bothered by us. We sat on the grass and observed. These were the first buffalo I had ever seen. It was said they sometimes came into the Seneca hunting grounds, but it was here the Great Plains herds began. From here to the west they covered the prairie by the multitude. It was a pleasant afternoon, sunny and warm. But that was to change. A breeze came up from the west, carrying the scent of the herd to us. It was strong and musky. With the breeze came dashing dark clouds. I mentioned this was different from the spring shower we had encountered the day before, more ominous. Meicha agreed.

Let us move away. Behind us was a pair of cottonwood trees in a boulder-strewn copse.

We might find some shelter there. Suddenly the western sky was split by a flash of lightning.

The blast of thunder followed close on. This was repeated immediately. The herd uttered a loud groan of panic and began to run. Unfortunately they began to run directly at us. We also began to run. Meicha hit a rock and fell, her ankle damaged. I ran back to her, picked her up and continued the retreat to the cottonwood copse. We reached it just as did the first lines of stampeding buffalo. I managed to place Meicha down behind the two trees. My protruding rear was not out of the line of approach and I took a glancing blow from one of the early arrivals. It knocked me entirely through the shelter of the trees where another early arrival belted me back from whence Id come. Once steady I threw my mortified body over Meicha. The panicked herd continued its flight. The boulders and twin cottonwoods formed a barrier to the rushing herd and saved us from being crushed under their hooves. The trees did not fare so well. Each wave of beasts slammed against them releasing hoards of catkins. So great were the vibrations caused by the stampeding herd that the catkins were shaken from their stems and the seeds fell about us as snow. I turned to Meicha and said,

It is snowing. How unusual.

And now are we to freeze to death as well as be stomped upon? This beauteous creature also showed courage and humor in the face of real danger.

I thought, Beauty, courage, humor: noblest of women. Surely one of the Great Spirits favorites, certainly mine.


Meicha was a fast healer. Within days she was able to exchange her crutches for a cane and was anxious to go about exploring again.

This time let us go to the east. There is a beautiful waterfall not far way. Ani decided to join us. So also did Eris. The four of us set out see the country to the east. It was a bright clear morning, no sign of clouds, no signs of buffalos. Ani and Eris sauntered ahead, humming a traveling tune. I could see a song was in the making. Meicha and I hung back because her pace was still slowed.

The beauty of spring was everywhere. The early trees were colored by their buds, the birches were arrayed in yellow. Where they dominated a hillside it shone with a golden hue. Poplars, willows and cottonwoods sprayed forth their catkins. Caught on the wind these dispersed to all directions. Maples and oaks were slower to reawaken from their winter slumber. Their buds were just forming. Soon these tiny buds would expand into marvelous fronds. Under foot flowers emerged from nests of leaves. The trillium burst forth from its couch. Jack-in-the-Pulpit stood straight as at attention. Violets formed a carpet of shimmering blue purple. One tried to avoid stepping on them. Song birds darted about happily, alighting on branches to sing their refrains. Robins busied themselves on the leaf-strewn floor seeking worms and grubs. Red-Winged blackbirds signaled their territorial boundaries. Woodpeckers scrambled up and down trunks, hammering away with their chisel beaks. Chickadees in squadron strength bobbed from tree to tree, chirping their song. Chickadees like the company of people. Whenever we are near they like to congregate about and serenade us. Often they land on our heads or shoulders and sing into our ears. I have known them to tug at our hair, possibly to use it as nesting material.

We stopped to rest a while. Meichas ankle was still in distress. We sat on an old log which was covered with a velvet coat of moss. Tiny colonies of lichens of red decorated the moss blanket. Our escort of chickadees noted our pause and remained with us, darting from branch to branch above our heads. A curious pair of chipmunks joined us on the log. After a short examination they proceeded to chase each other up and down the log, including on and over our legs. Meicha noted,

It is mating season. Creatures everywhere are preparing to bring new life into the world.

What a wondrous season. All Nature is in harmony with the Great Spirits plan. We sat next to a brook whose bubbling sound was like a song.

It was in just such a brook that I found your opal. It sparkled and captured my gaze as if calling me.

NB. the above excerpts done with permission from author Ian X. Byrne 2010, if you are interested in buying this book order online now at ISBN=0-7414-3448-2

Front and back covers illustration by Cat Wong of THE SOJOURNER,  iIan Byrne's novel of pre white man  Ameria's Mohawk fantasy epic story

Book ID Description
Title: The Sojourner,
Author: Ian X. Byrne
Published: December 10, 2004, Infinity Publishing Format: Paperback
Dimensions: 8.1 x 5.2 x 0.5 inches
Weight: 6.4 ounces
ISBN 10: 0741423243
ISBN 13: 9780741423245
Subject: Fantasy - Fiction / Fantasy - Historical
Prince: $13.95 [as of 2009.01] Buy:

Abstract:   It is a time long before the white men came. A Mohawk brave travels to the other tribes of the Iroquois Nation, seeking understanding. Along the way he hears ancient legends, meets strange and interesting people. An evil tribe, the Yo’taksehne, mirror our own times. The Little People watch over Man as they seek their own redemption. The Nymphs of Risceal protect the Little People and bring divine messages to Man. It is revealed by them that a Mohawk maiden, named Kateri, will have a holy descendant who will be known as The Lily of the Mohawk.

Sample extract from story by Ian X Byrne

" We hid in the rocks high above the village to watch the spectacle.  The villagers seemed to be in good spirits.  They were singing, dancing and drinking something out of leather pouches.  We thought it must have been fermented grape juice.  The more they drank the gayer they seemed to become. 

At the lower end of the village a pole was set up.  It was carved in the image of the Trickster. Ropes were attached to its top.  Revelers grasped these ropes and circled the pole, some in one direction, others in the opposite direction.  When they collided they fell to the ground in a heap.  Lively combat usually followed.  At the other end of the village a band of turbaned and bearded interlopers entered the empty wigwams and emerged with stolen booty.  But the main activity occurred in the center of the village.  Two concentric rings of celebrants formed a barrier to The Run participants.  Three people, one man and two women were stripped naked and turned loose in the arena.  Teams of pursuers, three each, armed with switches, chased the principals around the ring.  Despite our distance, and over the cheers of the crowd, we could hear the swishing, smacking, the owing and ouching.  We were enjoying the fun. 

Then it happened!  The earth gave a mighty shake.  Boulders from around us were loosed from their places and sent tumbling down the hillside.  The sounds were loud and frightening, as if the earth were growling in anger.  We flattened ourselves to the ground and called out to the Great Spirit.  The ground continued to shake.  We held tight to tree roots.  But the greatest drama was below.  Suddenly a great crack appeared in the center of the village.  It widened, shook, shuddered, then swallowed the entire village.  All slid into the gigantic craw. At one moment there was a village full of people, at the next everything was gone. 

But this was not the end.  From the top of what had been the village a huge wave of water rushed in and filled the great chasm.  It sloshed up the sides of the hills and down again. Mighty waves grew and dashed against the shores.  The water swashed from one end of the fissure to the other and from side to side. Eventually it settled and became serene.  What was a village was now a lake.  It had been an impressive spectacle......" [cited 2010.01 from where you can purchase THE SOJOURNER, by Ian Byrne, online

other Illustration Work Samples from Cat Wong

Cat Wong's 2 childrens characters Clara and Clarence Bear getting H1N1 flu vaccine at doctors office. - an image to desensitize children to getting an injection

Above illustration shows , Clara and Clarence Bear, children's characters promoting flu vaccinations for very young children. 

The above graphic showing Clarence Bear getting his flu shot, while looking anxiously at his friend Clara -was created by children's illustrator Cat Wong (based in San Francisco) as a result of all the world wide media tumult/news and emotions around the current Pandemic Flu called the H1N1 flu or "Swine Flu" From October - November 2009 and was created for a public education site promoting a range of health and medical treatment services in the USA and Canada

.  See also for more from San Francisco children's illustrator Cat Wong.

Email: Cat Wong at

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Definitions:  children's book illustration , "...any type of picture or decorative work produced for books specifically intended for a youthful audience."  [cite fr. 2009.12.28 ]

"Illustrations   Children's books are often illustrated, sometimes lavishly, in a way that is rarely used for adult literature except in the illustrated novel genre popular especially in Japan, Korea and France. Generally, the artwork plays a greater role in books intended for the youngest readers (especially pre-literate children). Children's picture books can be a cognitively accessible source of high quality art for young children.
Many authors work with a preferred artist who illustrates their words; others create books together, and some illustrators write their own books. Even after children attain sufficient levels of literacy to enjoy the story without illustrations, they continue to appreciate the occasional drawings found in chapter books". [cited fr.

Anjolico the Wireless Cartoon cat, says "Thank you to University of California Irvine, Health Centre, USA, for using me and Tony's graphics in helping you promote more ergonomic work stations in your hospital and medical clinic administrative areas."
One version of the illustration you used is below to the left, titled Anjolico - Work Station Safety

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