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children's version of adults in the 2010 Movie AVATAR - illustration by Chie Boyd

The above image is inspired by the recent release of ground breaking 3-D movie AVATAR produced by James Cameron in early 2010.

See Internet Movie Data Base web site:

See Wipedia website:

the art of illustrations showing a gamut of emotions - from curiosity to rolling on the ground in laughter to defiant consternation - illustrations by Chie Boyd, studying at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco

Provenance Notes:  KEN ILLUSTRATION (3 poses above graphic):  These concept illustrations were done for Clarendon Elementary School [] in order to develop a character that appealed to young children ages 5-11. The idea was to create some sort of mascots that could be used as a theme; something that the kids would be introduced to from kindergarten, and then "grow up" with during their 6 years there. The characters were mainly going to be used on class worksheets to give encouragement or helpful hints and tips. They were originally going to be presented to the students for the first time during their annual Undokai or "Sports Day"-- to be printed on fliers, banners and small armbands for the kids. However, there wasn't enough time to create the images and print everything, so I'll be drawing the characters in Undokai suit in the near future for 2010.

I named this particular character Ken. I guess I chose Ken because its short and cute, and is a common Japanese name that's easy to pronounce. Dually it's a fairy common American name for boys. The Kanji character for "dog" can be read as "ken" as well. I decided his breed would be a Shiba-inu, a small orange dog with a curly tail. I tried to design Ken in a simple style so he could easily be drawn in different situations. And since all assignment sheets are Xeroxed, a lot of detail would be lost if included. Here he's in 3 different poses; the first one I thought would be good to place next to word problems or science worksheets, as he's studying something intently below him. I figured it would be versatile enough to use on a variety of different assginments. The second pose is just him laughing, I thought it would be a cute addition to worksheets, maybe next to a fun riddle or some funny dialogue. The third one is an upset version of Ken, I was really just working out his character design and didn't have any particular purpose.

Ken is one of 3 characters that I created for the school-- I really enjoyed working on him since animals are my favorite subject to draw. They're cute and are easily stylized to create a fun image.

The teachers at Clarendon hoped that with these characters, they could provide the children with something "constant" as they move from teacher to teacher and classroom to classroom each year, and perhaps even build a feeling of family and community through the cute and furry creatures.

NOTE:  re CLARENDON SCHOOL MENTIONED ABOVE "Awarded the California Distinguished School designation, Clarendon Alternative School [in San Francisco] students consistently reflect outstanding achievement. All students participate in an enriched appropriate curriculum for gifted and high-ability students in all classrooms K-5. Our curriculum, content and teaching practices are assessment based and are curriculum relevant to richly diverse students' goal and needs; and reflective and collaborative planning within staff and among resources who work with our students."

"Clarendon has two distinctive programs available to students. Our Japanese Bilingual Bicultural Program (JBBP) offers Japanese language and cultural instruction for both native Japanese and native English speakers and actively promotes parent participation. Our Second Community Program actively promotes strong parent participation, project-based learning and teaches Italian to all students. Parent organization fund raise to support wide varieties of enrichment activities including dance, music, visual art, physical education, computer and field trips."

The school has private before and after school on-site childcare programs with a separate enrollment process. (tel: 759-1897) [quotes fr. website 2010.2.13]

Illustration of young adults using netbook while on public transit sending email / tweeting / listiensing to music

Provenance Notes for Illustration "MASHA AND THE BEAR": the larger graphic to the right of this text:
This was a end-of-term assignment for my first illustration class. The criteria was to illustrate a one or two sentence excerpt from a fable of my choice-- I chose to to a Russian folktale called "Masha and the Bear". It's a story of a little girl who's caught by a bear when she wandered off into the woods, and escapes him by hiding in a pie basket on his back. I was really picky about the tale I was to draw, because I wanted choose one that included animals, but just ones I actually enjoyed drawing. I was torn between the Masha story and a fox tale by Aesop-- I usually draw out some thumbnails to work out composition and I really liked the centered-bear. I felt that the center composition portrayed the strength and power of the bear the best, even though centering the main subject is (usually) a huge no-no at in the art world. Originally, the bear didn't have his head turned toward the basket; after critique from my teacher and classmates I tweaked it a little so you could see his expression. I'm not completely satisfied with his face though... to me he looks more angry than suspicious.

Here's the sentence my illustration is based on:

"...Masha crawled into the basket and covered herself with the pies. The bear came in, and there was the basket all ready to go. So he strapped the basket on his back and started off."

So in my drawing the bear is walking on a path in the woods, and is slightly turned toward his back because he feels some movement and is suspicious. I had fun with this illustration since I got to paint the main character up close, but the size I was working with was large (11.5"x17.5")-- which meant I had to really pay attention to detail and background. I decided to go with a soft, warm color palette so I could convey a quiet, sunny afternoon in the woods. I really wanted to get it right so I mixed yellow in with every color in the painting. I had a lot of fun with the foliage and sunlight coming through the trees-- I like putting shiny accents in my drawings!

I pretty much incorporated everything I had learned that semester about color, composition and concepts, so it summate's all the improvements I made. Overall I'm really happy with it.

Graphic by Chie Boyd:  "So what do student illustrators do while riding on San Francisco transit buses?"

Re: Image on the left:  Correction Note to publisher Neal Chan from Chie Boyd on above illustration:  "... I wanted to point out-- the drawing of me on the bus-- its actually a (Nintendo) DSi I'm playing with, not a cell phone haha. Dunno if you play video games or not but its a portable system" 2010.01.22 (This note after Neal thought she was "Tweeting" in the picture and added the text "Tweet Tweet" on the graphic - so until he has a chance to change the text on the image - the sample will have to do for now ;-) n.c. Feb. 2010 )

*  *  *

Prototype of cover design or full page illustration inside childrens story  book about Marsha and Bear, illustration by Chie Yamamoto Boyd

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Sorel Leinburd, lawyer in Vancouver BC, has worked in HONG KONG, has a Masters degree in Communications, and does lot of work in the intellectual property areas and is a Registered Trademark Agnet in Canada
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Terrence Carter of Carters Professional Group of lawyers - with  experience n  Intellectual Property  work with non-profit organizations  in Canada - based in Toronto Area
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      • "The Role of USPTO and Intellectual Property Policy"
        IP Law & Policy
    • The San Francisco Intellectual Property Law Association
      (SFIPLA )
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      s/a Richard Morris, lawyer and author, called to both California and Arizona Bar

Richard Morris, Attorney has represented clients for Intellectual /Property  protection right up to Supreme Court of California  in e.g. in case spanning  US Californai and European Countries jurisdiction , Morris is also a court room drama author, click for more info

Richard Morris, Attorney in California and Arizona, also has practiced in the United Kingdom - has represented clients for Intellectual /Property protection right up to Supreme Court of California in e.g. in case spanning US California and European Countries jurisdictions.

Morris in 2009 published a court room drama novel God on Trial ISBN13: 978-0-7414-5755-4 [cover designer Cat Wong] , click for more info

Richard M. Morris, B.Sc. Ph.D. J.D., USA Arizona, Attorney at Law and USA California, Attorney at Law brings many strengths in working with creative content people e.g. illustrators, sculptors, writers etc.  These assets in the area of Intellectual Property Law include his well known background as a college-university level teacher, an internationally connected litigator, a writer and a lawyer practising wills and estates law.  In the end it is ideas and memories and acknowledging "who created what" history that has "value" [editorial comment fr. N. Chan, MSW, Dip. Library Tech. 2010.01.01]

2010 Jan. 13 update

We welcome the participation and contributions to this site by San Francisco, Academy of Art illustration student Ms. Chie Yamamoto Boyd

2010 Feb. 13 update:  We have added lot of explanatory text, on this page, to show the background / provenance of Chie's four illustration samples featured on this page.  This will give viewers and aspiring graphics illustrators an idea of why and how and who for - illustrations are created and refined. The "terms of reference" for creating specific images for different audiences, and that even includes fun creative exercises.

On this day we have just begun the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, where this writer resides, and Valentines Day comes Tomorrow and this year it also happens to be the Lunar New Year.

On the left side bar of this page, you will see animated graphic of Anjolico the wireless flying cat created by Tony Yau in Hong Kong for a Lunar New Year Celebration some years ago.

Chie Yamamoto Boyd, while student in San Francisco  BFA Illustration  program joins ChildrensIllustrators ORG

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Definitions:  children's book illustration , "...any type of picture or decorative work produced for books specifically intended for a youthful audience."  [cite fr. 2009.12.28 ]

"Illustrations   Children's books are often illustrated, sometimes lavishly, in a way that is rarely used for adult literature except in the illustrated novel genre popular especially in Japan, Korea and France. Generally, the artwork plays a greater role in books intended for the youngest readers (especially pre-literate children). Children's picture books can be a cognitively accessible source of high quality art for young children.
Many authors work with a preferred artist who illustrates their words; others create books together, and some illustrators write their own books. Even after children attain sufficient levels of literacy to enjoy the story without illustrations, they continue to appreciate the occasional drawings found in chapter books". [cited fr.

Cat Wong's 2 childrens characters Clara and Clarence Bear getting H1N1 flu vaccine at doctors office. - an image to desensitize children to getting an injection

Above illustration shows , Clara and Clarence Bear, children's characters promote flu vaccinations for very young children.  This graphic comes from all the world wide media news and emotions around the current Pandemic Flu called the H1N1 flu or "Swine Flu" From October - November 2009.  See also for more from San Francisco children's illustrator Cat Wong.

The above illustration might be a suitable image as part of a advertising campaign related to choosing a medical doctor such as the book and related table of content excerpted below.

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This site is dedicated to the memories of all our parents and the people who gave us all the experience of what it means to be children in a world of images and words, e.g. S.H. Chan, d.o.d. Sept. 2009.  [editorial note from Neal Chan 2010.01.05]

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