CWCtokyo.com Cross World Connections is an exemplar of agencies representing a large group of illustrators in countries around the world C h i l d r e n s I l l u s t r a t o r s . O r g

私たちCWCグループに国境はありません。東京オフィス、NYオフィスを中心に、それぞれの地域の言葉・文化を理解し、アーティスト達をサポートしています。 CWCのアーティスト達にも国境はありません。彼らは自分の国にいながらにしてCWCを通じて世界中のあらゆる場所で活躍することができるのです。私たちは1991年の創立以来このようにずっと続けてきました。未来へのキーワードはボーダレス、そして、全ての人々が調和し気持ちよく仕事していくことだと思います。

CWCエグゼクティブプロデューサー ジュンコ・ウォング
[cited 2010.01.12 fr. www.cwctokyo.com/jpn/about/index.html]

Screen image showing samples and links to the large group of illustrators that CWC serves as representative agent for - CLIC on the image to go to the CWCtokyo.com website and see sample work of these illustrators from Japan, London UK,  Europe, USA,  South America, Asia etc.

"Our illustration agency has no borders.  Our agents speak and understand the language of our territories and the customs that represent the people we are working for. Our illustrators have no borders. They live in the country of their choice and through our agency work worldwide.  This has been the way for CWC since 1991.  The future is about being borderless and about working in harmony with all people."
Junko Wong for CWC [cited 2010 January 13 from www.cwctokyo.com/eng/about/index.html

Happy New Year Graphic showing  cosmopolitan fashion illustration - CLICK  TO  CWC tokyo.com  site that represent illutrators around the world form offices in Japan and New York

see also these Tokyo, Japan based illustration / children's doll design services

Malcom Wong, lives in both Tokyo and Hawaii as a graphic novelist
  • Malcolm Wong, MFA - resides in Tokyo, Japan
    studied at University of Massachusetts, Amherst, then got MFA in Art sculpture, he
    • www.dogeaters-manga.com Graphic Novel based on his award winning screen play
    • Neo Blythe Doll design, manufacturing and international marketing
    • \
    • Malcolm also helps administer a Tokyo based agency that manages and promote over 40 children's illustrators and graphic designers from across the globe

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